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  1. All passengers must be at the flight site at least 20 minutes before take-off.:

  2. Information about the weight of passengers and luggage is provided in advance to the limited liability company "Armenian Helicopters" .

  3. All passengers are weighed before the flight for safety reasons.

  4. According to article 17 of the Chicago Convention, all passengers and their baggage, based on safety rules, must pass a pre-flight inspection. In all cases, a personal examination is carried out by a person of the same sex as the person being checked. The company has the right to ban the flight to a passenger who refuses to be examined.

  5. The helicopter should be approached accompanied by a pilot or marshal.

  6. For your own safety, you need to take off the scarf, scarves and hold them in your hands when approaching the helicopter.

  7. The dangerous part of the helicopter is its rear part, even if the engine is not working, it cannot be approached.

  8. After boarding the helicopter, you need to fasten your seat belt, put on soundproof headphones, and during the flight passengers can communicate with each other through the speaker on the headphones.

  9. During the flight, passengers can only have a camera and a phone in their hands.:

  10. It is prohibited to take photos and videos on the helipad without the permission of the directorate of the Armenian Helicopters company. 

  11. Smoking is prohibited in the aircraft parking lot, in the aircraft service areas and on board the aircraft. 

  12. It is also prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages before and during the flight:

  13. In the parking lot of the aircraft, in the service areas of the aircraft and on board the aircraft, it is prohibited to transport prohibited by law, as well as explosive, flammable and toxic substances, equipment. The Company has the right to prohibit the flight of a passenger carrying such materials or equipment:

  14. It is forbidden to carry more than one hundred milliliters of the following liquids, gels and aerosols in passengers' hand luggage․

  • Drinking water, medicinal and table mineral water,Juices, lemonades,Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks,

  • Food sauces, pastes, oils, butter, food products present in food sauces, or food products containing a large amount of liquid,

  • Gels and aerosols, including hair and shower gels, creams, lotions, cosmetics and oils, perfumes, sprays, hair dyes,

  • Contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other types of foams and deodorants, pastes, including toothpastes,

  • Mixtures of liquids and solids, eyelash dyes, lip gloss, hygienic lipsticks, similar contents and any other similar products at room temperature.

15.After the helicopter takes off, it is necessary to remove the headphones and hang them in the designated place, unbuckle the seat belt and leave the helicopter accompanied by a Marshal.

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