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Heliskiing in Armenia

The Ultimate Mountain Adventure

Heliskiing in Armenia is a new exhilarating experience for adventurous skiers seeking untouched powder and breathtaking views. With rugged peaks towering over 4,000 meters, skiers can access some of the most remote and pristine terrain in the Caucasus Mountains.


The great mountains of Armenia have woken up, and they are calling for all adventure seekers. You have already felt the fancy resorts with expensive hotels. You’ve shredded down every mountain in your region several times over. 

The time has come to experience something new; something only the select few have had the chance to see and feel. It is time to ride through the cradle of civilization with history trailing back over 3500 years. It is time to ride the ancient land where Christianity was born and where every centimeter of land is filled with history of one of the oldest people on the planet. It is time to combine the physical adventure with an adventure for your soul. Let us welcome you to our home and take you to the most ancient places of our civilization. Welcome to Armenia! 


Heliskiing in Armenia offers unlimited vertical runs, personalized experiences, and an opportunity to ski in untracked snow. Experience the ultimate skiing adventure with Armenian Helicopters.


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